Monday, December 28, 2015

Alabama Weather

I've lived in Alabama pretty much all my life, so I've pretty much gotten used to the weather patterns. Well actually, I've grown used to the fact that we have no discernible weather patterns. So I was looking for memes about the weather here, and I found a few I thought I'd share with you.

(Also, I have no idea who to attribute these to. They just came from Google Image Search. So if its you're creation, yay for you!)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Early Bird

My oldest son, Cooper, just turned four. He's always been a great sleeper. He slept through the night from twelve weeks old. With the exception of a couple weeks of regression when he was about 8 months old, he's been my rock star sleeper. (Colton on the other hand, my one year old, is the OPPOSITE, and that's worth its own post.)

Cooper puts himself to bed for naps and at night. He recognizes that he's sleepy and just goes and gets in his bed. He used to announce it to us.

"I'm sooo sleepy! I'm going to my bed!" He doesn't even bother with that anymore. Just disappears and I'm like, where'd he go?

But the one problem we've come into is he is an early bird. He goes to bed by 9pm most nights. But he is almost always up by 6am, sometimes before. And with Colton not sleeping through the night, I can't handle it! So I kinda let him do his own thing in the morning.

He's a very independent kid, and super smart. So when he gets up, he will use the bathroom on his own, then get on the couch and find himself something to watch on TV. Sometimes he goes and hangs out with Pawpaw (my father-in-law who lives with us and is also an early bird). He never gets into anything, doesn't tear up the house, or try to go outside by himself or anything crazy like that.

And of course I'm always awake, so I can hear what he's doing. I just don't get out of bed anymore. We live in a small apartment, so it's not like he's on the other side of the house and I don't know what's going on. But I've still got to figure out a way to get him to stay in bed longer. He's not losing out on sleep, I don't guess, because he takes a nap during the day, and goes to bed on his own when he's tired. Maybe he's just one of those kids that doesn't need as much sleep? Is that a thing?

I don't know if that's a thing. But I will tell you this. I am most definitely a mom that needs more sleep. So if anyone has any tips or advice on how to get the kid to sleep later, or at least stay in his bed, let me know.

I found this kid's alarm clock on Amazon and it seems like a good idea. But I only paid $5 for my own alarm clock, so paying nearly $30 for one for my four year old rubs me the wrong way.

I'm sure there's tons of ideas out there, so spam me with them!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

West Alabama Christmas Parade

The West Alabama Christmas Parade was this past week, and the boys and I went to see it with some friends. It was a lot of fun.
I went with my friends Courtney and John, and their kids Izzie and Jesse. Then we ran into some other friends while we were there, too!

Cooper, Izzie and Jesse

Cooper is way too big for the stroller, but I didn't trust him to sit and be still. So I put him in the stroller. Then I met a lady from a local baby wearing group and borrowed a ring sling to carry Colton.

Me and Alex from Tuscaloosa Babywearers.

 I have carried Colton in a carrier before, when he was much smaller, and we both loved it. But this was our first time using a ring sling, and I really liked it. 

Of course, Colton had no idea what was going on, but when he realized people in the parade were waving, he started waving back and had a great time. He stayed pretty quiet and watched the lights and people for the most part, but started getting fussy after about an hour. Cooper could have cared less. I don't think he liked it at all. The parade was a lot longer than I remember it being in the past, so we ended up leaving early. We watched it for about an hour before all the kids started getting antsy and whiney, so we called it a night.

Me, Colton and Courtney


So this is Real Life

This is my REAL LIFE.

I'm a wife and mother.

I enjoy thrift stores, and I loathe Wal-mart.

I am really a "go with the flow" sort of person.

I love Mexican food.

I love my friends.

I love my family.

I hope this blog will become a place I can share about my life and commiserate with other moms and wives.