Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cooper: An Update on the Oldest

Cooper had his four year old check up today, so I thought I'd do an update on my oldest.

(We always schedule his yearly check ups for a couple months after his December birthday, just because it's easier to NOT go to the doctor's office during the holidays and at the height of cold/flu season. It got pushed back a little this year because of sickness and my OB appointments, but we finally made it!)

Shoe Size

He is currently wearing a size 13. He could probably still get into a 12, but his sneakers he wear on a daily basis are a 13. 


All of Cooper's pants are size 5. Most of the 4T pants fit him in the waist, but they are miles too short. The size 5 pants are a little baggy, but thank goodness for adjustable waists. In shirts, he wears both 4T and 5. He still fits into all his 4T shirts, but whenever I buy him new stuff, it's always a 5.


This is still by far the biggest struggle we have. Cooper has slowly refused more and more foods, and literally right now, the only thing I can get him to eat are crackers (peanut butter crackers, saltines, Ritz, etc), chips, pop tarts, and dry cereal. His pediatrician has referred us to a feeding clinic to work on that. The doctor also wants to have him evaluated for a couple other things like autism and sensory processing disorder, based on a few habits/behaviors Cooper has shown. So we'll be heading into that pretty soon. 


He's still the best sleeper of everybody, although he's a bit of an early bird. He does not have a set nap time, but whenever he's tired in the afternoon, he just says, "I'm getting sleepy," then off to bed he goes. At night it's the same way for the most part. We have dealt with some bad dreams that makes him hesitate to go to bed at night sometimes, It's not often though, only about once a week, so not too bad. 


He's such a smarty pants! He counts past 20, identifies numbers and letters, and can work electronics better than some adults I know. 


At his appointment today, he weighed 46 pounds, which is 99th% for his age. He was measured at 42 inches tall, which is 79th% for his age. The appointment was rough, though. He has very little in between with his emotions; he's either perfectly fine, or off the deep end panicking, and there's very little room in between the two. So naturally, the majority of the appointment was him panicking. They actually had to hold him down while he screamed to give him his shots. It was the most traumatic thing I've ever experienced with him. I told my husband he was going next time because I couldn't do that again. He got a Coke on the way home for being so brave. 

My heart! 

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