Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Soapbox Moments: Transgender Bathroom Legislation

(So FYI, this is a bit of a rant... but it's my honest opinion.)

What is the big deal with the transgender bathroom stuff? Someone said it had to do with pedophiles and I seriously can't believe the stuff that come out of people's mouths sometimes. Do people genuinely think that allowing transgender people to choose the public bathroom of their preference means that pedophiles are going to use it as an opportunity to harm children? Do you really think so? I mean, come on, if a pedophile wants to attack a child in a public restroom, I seriously doubt whether he (or she) is "allowed" in the bathroom is going to make a difference. 'Cause he's not going to be like, "Oh, I was gonna attack that little girl, but she went into the women's bathroom, so I guess I'll have to pass." It doesn't happen like that folks.

And if you automatically think "pedophile" when you think "transgender" you are in serious need of some soul searching.

I remember once when I was working at Leland Lanes (nearly 10 years ago) I was in the restroom and some guys in drag came into the women's bathroom. And they were rightfully kicked out. But there's a difference in men in drag and a transgender person. A transgender person is not playing dress up, they are living their lives in a gender different from what they were born. Going to work, school, church (yes, church), the mall, Walmart, football games etc. Whether you understand it, support it, agree with it or not, it's out there folks, and you probably wouldn't even know a transgender person if they walked right past you (because that's the point).

So I would say I support allowing transgender people to use the restroom of their choosing. I think laws like the one recently passed in North Carolina that say a person has to use the restroom based on the gender they were born with is asking for trouble. What happens when, because of the law, a transgender man (who was born a woman) walks into a women's restroom? Women are gonna freak. And when a transgender woman (who was born a man) walks into a men's restroom, I can just see the men going, "Wrong door, miss. Ladies' room is on the other side of the aisle." Edited to add: It could even be dangerous, with transgender people being assaulted for being in the "wrong bathroom" because people wrongfully assume that the transgender person has dishonorable intentions.

So anyway, that's my opinion on the transgender bathroom thing.

I just don't get how people can be so close-minded (and sometimes downright stupid) about stuff like this. 

Also, I came across a statistic that said that in 30-something states, RAPISTS can sue their victims for visitation rights to children born from the rape, while all 50 states have no provision in place to allow a woman to sue her rapist for child support for children born from their rape.

Really? And people are worried about bathrooms? Grow some, people. Because there are REAL problems in this country, and I promise, public restrooms isn't one of them.

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