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I'm Amy Faulkner, and this is my REAL LIFE.

I live in Alabama, and I love it! I am married to the love of my life, Dixie, and we have two beautiful boys, Cooper and Colton. Dixie is a cowboy, and a nerd. He rocks a cowboy hat and Wranglers better than George Strait himself, and at the same time refers to himself as "Horde for Life" (which has something to do with World of Warcraft, I'm pretty sure.)

Cooper is my firstborn and my saving grace. He is four years old, and, mercy, he acts like it. He's head strong, determined, and incredibly smart. He has never met a stranger and is immediately best friends with every child he meets.

Colton just turned one in December 2015 and he is my little red-headed sweetie. He is a fierce daddy's boy, and very shy (the opposite of Cooper). He's a loving little guy, though, and thoroughly enjoys his head and his back rubbed.

We also have a pretty calico cat named Ginger, and she is Colton's pet for sure. She isn't the nicest kitty, and doesn't really like to be petted or anything. But she will let Colton pull her ears and tail all day long.

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